Stb emulator subtitles

Log in Register. Search titles only. Search Advanced search…. Forums New posts Search forums. Media New media New comments Search media. New posts. Search forums. JavaScript is disabled. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Problems with stbemu app. Thread starter gibbsy09 Start date Feb 11, Hi I just started a new iptv sub the other day as above I am using the stbemu app.

First I had the trial and everything was fine then I payed for the sub and now having some problems. As I said I am using the stbemu app on my Android box and I am getting this error on one single channel sly movies HD. The error reads as follows - audio disabled because none of the supported tracks are found. What does it mean every other channel is fine just that one channel playing up I contacted the sub and he said RE install the app I did but it fixed nothing any help please.

JustDanYK Registered. Hi just Dan and si wish it was just a quick fix but I've already tried switching players switched from.

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Anyone got any more ideas how to fix this. LjK is normally the recommended, if you can't get it to work then you can load another player, then select it from the external option. It may take a bit of trial and error.

Hi bees honestly I've been doing that I've been playing around with it I used vlc for an external player and all I get is a blank screen it's weird when I use the auto default I get that audio message coming up - audio disabled because none of the supported tracks are found, but if I use other players I don't get that error message but it still won't play why did it play fine with the test aaghrr.

Hi now am getting nothing I'm getting a message saying your stb is blocked. I deleted the app again then RE installed to try and fix it and entered my providers URL again nothing's changed the mac address stays the same so surely if he is sending the signal it shouldn't be blocked or am I doing something wrong. Everytime I e mail the provider it's always my fault not his it's something I've done wrong. Your probably thinking why am I saying this cause I've only started with him but he's my dads provider as well and he's been with him longer but he never admits any liability what so ever so now your thinking we'll why use him then simple answer he is a good price and he does answer your e mails eventually but do you think this is his problem if it is saying stb blocked cheers.

STB blocked just means you aren't connecting to the server, I had the same message when my line needed renewing. Thanks bees definitely not a typo checked and checked and when you delete the app and RE install the mac never changes so I do think it's him and he e mailed me back and he's in Portugal on holiday bloody great.

Patch1 Registered. If your Dad is also with him have you asked him if he has any problems if the answer is No then its either your end or a Bad Mac that is clashing at the servers end. STB Emu generates random Macs but there again i would assume it too affect all channels. Hi patch no my dads not having problems just now but he is on a different server from me he is using the iptvsmart app all I know mate is I have RE installed it a few times and the mac has not changed once at all, still the same, so it's not the mac either cheers.

If it says stb blocked you are either not connected to the Internet and you are failing to connect to server or your provider hasn't got your mac set up on there site.The Settings section of the Embedded portal includes general settings that affected STB operation and applications of the Embedded portal.

Settings window is a ccessible via the Main Menu window. Example for MAG This section of Settings is intended to set up p layback properties.

These settings applied to playback of all media channels and files played with IPTV channel and Home media applications.

This option can disable or enable displaying of subtitles with particular primary language during playback. The media stream may include subtitles in several languages. If the media stream does not contain subtitles with a language specified in this option then a first subtitle language specified in the media stream will be used.

See also the Subtitles chapter.

stb emulator subtitles

The aspect ratio can also be changed d uring playback with the Change aspect ratio key on RC. This section of Settings is intended to define properties of the Embedded portal user interface as well as additional features affected STB operation. Start page window which should be displayed first after Embedded portal get loaded. Possible start page options:. Possible values are:. The following values for this field are used:. Standby modes are described in the Standby mode option. The following values are used:.

If the Screen saver feature is enabled, after the selected delay time, the STB goes to Screen saver mode.

Screen saver feature starts displaying on the TV screen a specified picture set in Screensaver option instead of a currently displayed window of Embedded portal. STB inactivity refers to the following:. The STB resumes displaying the window that was previously open. The clock is d isplayed in the top right corner of the screen.

This value is intended to change the appearance of ExitMenuInformationReturn icons in various Embedded portal windows. See User manual to Remote control. This option defines how STB should behave after going to Standby sleep mode. The following values are possible:.

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After STB resumes in active mode, the window that was previously open is displaying. This option defines STB auto power-down conditions. Auto power down feature means automatic STB switching over to Standby after pre-set inactivity time. STB inactivity refers to the following state:. This section of Settings is intended to configure STB auto-update conditions as well as perform manual STB update from the auto-update server. Description of auto-update - here. Entering to the manual software update window.

S ee d etailed description in Update from Settings menu section. This section of Settings is intended to configure TimeShift feature. TimeShift feature provides the user with the ability to record current IPTV channel streaming to be watched it afterward during a current show or after its expiration starting from either time position within the recording.

A full description of this feature is given in the Timeshift section.Subtitles are text accompanying videos. Subtitles can be used to convey text comments, explanations, duplication or translation of the audio track, etc. Subtitles are usually displayed at the bottom of the screen. This section describes how to enable soft digital subtitles whose formats are supported by various STB models.

If a particular channel contains built-in subtitles, a subtitle language can be started displaying as soon as the channel opens. For this, you need to assign a specific variant of subtitles in the Primary subtitle language of Playback settings.

This case, the algorithm of subtitle choosing will be as follows:. As a default, the language from Primary subtitle language option will be chosen. If such subtitle language see item 1 is not provided for the channel, an attempt will be made to use subtitle variant that matches the language of the Embedded Portal. Otherwise, if such subtitle language see item 2 is not provided toothe first subtitle language of the channel will be used. During channel playback, user can choose any other subtitle language which provided for the channel.

If option Primary subtitle language is set as Disabledthen subtitles will not be autostarted. But the user can choose i. Subtitle choosing procedure aims to start showing subtitles in particular language from provided list variants. To choose the subtitles you need:. After the choosing made, subtitle language name is displayed for a while in the lower-left corner of the screen in the example - Swedish. The table below describes supported subtitles types for different STB models.

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EXCLUSIF Stb Emulator Pro code address mac/portal Android / PC

Was this article helpful? Yes No. Sorry to hear that.Ready to get rid of remotes and hardware for good? Think of Smart-STB as the app that can fully unlock the potential of your Smart TV, with many more options and flexibility, and none of the hassle!

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No extra remotes and no cables strung all along the floor and walls. No poor quality picture and sound because of bad cabling. No geo-lock, allowing you to use the app from across the globe.

Smart-STB offers seamless and automatic updatesso, no more out-dated Set-top boxes as door-stoppers, and paper forms to fill out. All updates are downloaded automatically for the best viewing experience.

Full portal support with very easy setup.

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Problems with stbemu app

Need help? Toggle navigation. Home Log in Lost email or password? Payments Payment methods Get help F. You have no notifications at this time. Email Address: Password: Remember Me. Portal Home Home. Then you need Smart-STB. Support of all Portal features at Your Fingertips All you need is a stable internet connection!

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Service Providers - hop on board. Home Log in Register Password reset Payment methods. DE2HA Registration number: The limitation to 1 Portal for lifetime licenses is temporary to help with a new app abuse. We will bring back all 8 Portals in up to 2 days in all regions and no Portals will be lost. Dear all, We are experiencing some DNS problems in most regions and are working on restoring the service we recovered few regions.

We expect full recovery in about an hour from now. Thank you for your understanding. In version 2 you can now generate activation codes and get the needed information to activate them automatically in your own Portal. And we have great deals for all corporate clients - very soon in all regions!

Stay tuned :. We are experiencing app slowness in most regions of South Africa due to network problems in the area. We mitigated this as much as we could and we will continue working on improving our service in all regions as much as possible however it's still possible that some regions of Africa experience app operating slowly. There are also lots of small bug fixes and some performance improvements across many regions for all other platforms.

And lots more good stuff coming your way, really soon. We will be doing some updates and maintenance to the Demo Portal in all regions on 20th of November, Also, clients using the beta unpublished TV platforms will need to exit the app and start it again when instructed by the app.

We will announce the new platforms with few surprises very soon. App is back on VEWD devices. More platforms are coming soon. This was done to prevent the last license hack from working and make the app more stable. Also, this is a step forward towards a new license management system that will allow your Virtual MAC to stay the same even if you change your TV or this happens again for whatever reason.

How about that - we do listen to our clients. What's the feature you want to have in the app on next version? There will be subtitle support in the future, for the TV's that support it not all TV's support subtitles due to platform limitations. For now a very limited number of TV's have enabled subtitles for testing. You asked and we made it - better support for multi-audio and subtitles on your Smart TV's.

We are testing new solutions for multi-audio and subtitles on other platforms and will update them soon too. We are glad to announce that our app is available for VEWD devices. We will be adding more Smart TV platforms over time. And your app will be back with your license. Please exit the app and start it again to get your license. Sorry for the caused inconvenience!

stb emulator subtitles

Dear clients, We would like to remind you again - anyone who tries to use the app with a provider that has the "License hack" or similar tamper tools for our app will get it's app revented to Demo.

In case your app reverted to demo after it was paid, please do open a ticket and we will check this for you with priority.

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Do not forget to include the Software MAC in your ticket to avoid delays. Dear clients, First - the good news. Despite the rumours - we are not going anywhere anytime soon. We are rolling out an emergency upgrade in all locations that should address many of the issues that we having lately in some locations due to increased stress, rising abuse and demand. In case you have black screen after loading Portal even on the Demo Portal and a valid and working Portalthe app shows in Demo or Unknown status even if it's paid or you get "Can not access Service -3 " or "Oops, something went wrong -1 " then it's most likely this patch will help with your problems.

Also, all clients and providers attempted to use tampering software or hardware will be blocked completely from being able to use the app. Same goes for all attempted abuse of any kind, for example any kind of DDoS, fake tickets, scams from rogue accounts, etc.This can then be configured to stream IPTV from any server of your choosing. It really has made streaming IPTV easy. Sadly, if you go to the Windows Microsoft app store this emulator app is not readily available for download. The only issue here is it requires a computer with decent specs so if your stuff is a little outdated it may run slow.

Once done installing, it should ask to set up google playstore account, set this up. Go through the sign in process as usual. Go back to the main dashboard of the bluestack program.

The way to exit out is like a web-browser, each application creates tabs at the top this took an embarrassing amount of time for me to realize on my own…it was brutal. The main difference between the two is the free version has banner ads whereas the Pro does not. Close the playstore tab.

From here the process is the same as setting up STB emulator on Android which we have already covered in detail. It seems like a hit or miss for some users. Please let us know in the comments if you found IPTV on bluestacks to work well. This will be tremendous value for other future users to know. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

Submit Comment. An active IPTV subscription. Download a program called Bluestacks. Go to the bluestacks official website and download the application. Click on Download Bluestacks. Once done downloading the bluestakcs setup file, allow the application access to install. We may now enter into the Google Playstore. Submit a Comment Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.Read more details about this complaint.

There are two versions of the app: a free one and a paid one see the difference. To work with this application you have to create at least one STB profile - a set of options required for emulation. In most cases you need to have a real STB to get some data from it and write into profile.

But anyways, a lot of web portals are free and open for everyone, so you only need to know an URL of a portal you want to use. More information you can read on page STB profile. You also may configure some of common application settingslike UI language, video settings and others.

It's opensource and is under development now. You may get sources from GitHub. Keep in mind that this application may not work as it should, because it's on a very early stage and is full of bugs. This web-site is hosted on DigitalOcean.

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stb emulator subtitles

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